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DESIGN PLANS DescriptionGraphics and copyExample PriceDevelop Time
Personal I single personal page with your linksyou supply one fpg/gif, text, any links you want Personal I $99.95 suggested for Web Presence 1 day
Personal II 2 - 3 page design with your linksyou supply one or two gif's or fotos per page. Choice of background.sample Personal II $199.95 addtl pages $95/ea 2 - 3 days
Business I 3+ pages with your fotos, links. Text supply one fpg/gif per page, text, any links you want. Includes one form. Choice of background. sample Business I $749 addtl pages $95/ea 3 - 5 days
Business II 8 - 12 page business or personal power site with tailored graphics headerComplete website designed specifically for your business in your market with gif logo banner, forms, shopping cart. You provide any text, gifs, fotos you want. Choice of backgroundsample Business II$14954 - 8 days
Unique Totally unique design with your linksgraphics, javascript, programmingsample Unique
Unique p1
Unique p2
$125/hr any

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